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Say goodbye to unhealthy elements with mattress protector

At times, the mattress you use on the bed has the chance to get soiled and unusable where the body’s natural perspiration has got a chance to seep into uncovered mattress. Apart from these, dust mites and allergens also render unfavorable conditions in using your mattress. A mattress protector sits on top of the mattress and protects against the unhealthy pathological elements generated at night. The mattress protector can be waterproof or anti-allergic in nature depending on the texture and content of material used in making the fabric.

With excessive industry knowledge and experience, Royal Sleep has been involved in offering you an unmatchable range of mattress protector that is backed with high qualities of offering you a healthy sleep. The mattress protector comes with protection fibers to leverage safeguarding abilities of accidental bed-wetting, soils and liquid spills. Our new range of mattresses offers liquid absorption upto 1 – 1.8 L for the queen size mattress protector. We also stock some of the cheapest mattresses in Melbourne that are designed with exceptional features to provide hours of peaceful sleep. Read More

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