Latex Comfort

Latex Comfort

Latex comfort mattress

As a significant amount of time is spent lying on the bed, latex comfort mattresses are here to offer support to various body parts while you are asleep. Lack of support for the lower back while sleeping can lead to achy mornings. The body weight shifts through the night when you are asleep and this shuffles the pressure imposed by the bed on your pressure points. Excess pressure on shoulders and back often lead to poor sleeping posture, resulting in lower back pain.

Latex comfort mattress is designed to provide firm yet bouncy support, which is uniformly spread across the bed. Latex offers firmness and support along with comfort that is similar to that offered by the memory foam. These mattresses push back to provide more support. Royal Sleep mattresses offer a combination of support and comfort to prevent and relieve neck and back pain.

Incredible Features

Designed to cater maximum support and comfort while sleeping, latex comfort mattresses come with the following features:

  • 5 Zoned pocket spring system ensures better spine alignment
  • Offers support for back, feet and head
  • Relieves pressure in leg and shoulder
  • The mattress is aimed to reduce partner disturbance to ensure sound sleep
  • Edge box construction ensures edge-to-edge comfort, firm seating edge and prevent roll offs
  • Comes in comfortable knit fabric with 100% natural latex pillow top
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